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Specialized courses leading to an Attestation
of College Studies - ACS
(flexible duration from 6 months to 14 months)
These ACS programs are complementary training for adults who wish to improve or
acquire skills. These programs may also complete training acquired internationally.
They encompass four major areas of expertise.
Municipal Administration / Office technology / Accounting and Business English / Computerized accounting
Computerized financial management / Business management
Health - Psychosocial
Palliative care support / Strategies in language development for children (3-12 years old) / Intervention strategies
for adults with communication difficulties
Intervention strategies in pet therapy / Early childhood education techniques
Industrial Techniques
Sound and lighting for the stage / Computer assisted building design / Technology of industrial engineering
Management of industrial projects / Optimization of production / Quality assurance and control
Workplace hygiene / Laser welding
Management and service of delicacies: option wild mushrooms
Renowned leadership in techno pedagogy
Classes and laboratories with cutting-edge equipment, various information
technologies integrated in the teaching, inverted classes, internships in a
professional environment
Distance and hybrid courses: virtual classes in synchronous and asynchronous
modes using the Via and Moodle platforms
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